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Getting Started

Where do you begin with your website project? The task can be daunting, but like anything else in life you can choose to do it yourself, and maybe you make progress, and even get the site on the air to where it’s fairly functional, or you work with a professional. With anything done right you need expertise to take you to next level. The same goes for websites. Getting someone in your corner who understands the technology is critical.


wordpress_logo_color.50x50xI’ve been building websites with WordPress since 2005! WordPress has evolved from simple “blogware” into the premier content management system of choice. (Over 60% of all websites use it!) I’ve looked at other software such as Drual, Joomla and dozens of others and none of them provides the capabilites, stability and upgradability that WordPress has. There’s no point in pointing out the deficiencies of other platforms, they just don’t have the ease of installation, upgrading and plugin breadth that WordPress has. When developers gravitate to a platform, you know they are on to something that no only works for themselves, but for their clients. Many of the alternatives work more for their developers leaving their clients in a never ending development cycle. I can have a WordPress site fully functional in a day if you have all of your branding and content ready.

Custom Themes just launched my new Portfolio Theme with a massive control panel you can use to manage your wordpress site from right inside of WordPress. I believe in it so much I’m using it on this website. If you’re interested, we can setup a demo, and I can personally show you the power behind this new theme. Contact me < here > and let’s set up your free demo.

The theme sells for $99, although I have been told it should sell for way more. The price includes the theme, and an initial install. I’ll even trick out your site for you for an additional $150.(That’s 3 hours of my time on your site) For $250 you can have a WordPress site on the air in less than 1 day. Fill out a support ticket and let’s get your site going TODAY.

Yes, I know all about the big theme companies, like Woo Themes, Theme Forest and others who make some incredibly awesome themes – visually. Their visual appeal, while striking often leaves the user hanging when it comes time to make their theme look like YOUR website. Users are more often left with a site that does not have any uniqueness, and is more often than not just not customizable enough. I’ve had plenty of clients come to me with website concepts and ideas, and will show me a theme they like. In nearly all cases, I have to modify the theme to such an extent that it would have been better to have not purchased the theme, just send me a screen shot of what you want the site to look like and we’ll build a custom theme. And that’s a huge option for you as well – a custom theme with it’s own custom control panel. Contact me < here > and get a free quote.

Webhosting Management

server_cabinetI’ve been managing website hosting systems since 2000. Webhosting has evolved over the years, just like cell phones. The options for cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting – again these choices can be daunting. Choosing the right platform is critical. While some sites may be fine on shared hosting, you may have a high traffic site that needs better response time and more horsepower. I can help you make these choices.

Another issue with webhosting is finding the right vendor. So many choices – who’s got the most reliability, the best support? Again, expertise is right here.

I’m a huge fan of the cPanel brand. cPanel is a software development company that created an excellent enterprise-wide webhosting management system, Their software is what is “under the hood” of all the major webhosting providers like BlueHost, Hostgator, JustHost and several dozen others. cPanel provides 2 main ingredients that serve everyone from single user 1 website clients to businesses that run dozens of websites need – an excellently designed site control panel to manage your website, and for larger clients their Web Hosting Manager (WHM) umbrella hosting manager system allows a webmaster to manage multiple sites with their own unique control panels. WHM allows a webmaster to allocate resources for all the sites from a single control panel.

Other systems like Plesk, GoDaddy Hosting and Hsphere do the same thing, but are not as efficiently designed from both a user and webmaster perspective and their web management is not as well thought out and simple to use.


support.logoGetting the help you need is yet another daunting task. I’ve got a support system all setup to help you manage your support requests, right < here >. Fill out a ticket for what you need. Support is charged at $50/hr US, minimum 1 hour. An old adage – “It can’t hurt to ask” applies – fill out a ticket and let’s get your website working the way you need it to.